Upcoming Events & News

Sachse FallFest 2017: Sponsored by the Sachse Chamber of Commerce. The Sachse Amateur Radio Association will have a booth set-up with lots of good radio related information and an HF rig to demonstrate. The event is this Saturday, October 28th, from 10am until 5pm. Club members are asked to show up around 8:00 or 8:30 to help setup.

CongratulationsCongrats to our new Board of Directors. President: Charles (KE5RFS), Vice President: Dave (K5ZUK), Secretary: Becky (KE5UGE), Treasurer: Kathy (KF5UEI), Public Info Officer: John (KC6TVF), Newsletter: John (KF5FWK), and Directory at Large:Bill (AC5BC). Let's do all we can to help them make our club the best!!

Christmas Party
: The date is set, December 2nd, 6pm at Flaming Buffet on Hwy 78 in Garland. Remember to bring an unwrapped toy for the Christmas donation to the Sachse Fire Dept. Charles, KE5RFS is our Chairman for this event.

QSO Breakfast: Join us each Saturday at 8am for the weekly QSO Breakfast at the Starwood Cafe, 231 E. PM 544, Murphy. This is where SunnyStreet Cafe used to be.