Current Events

Texas State Parks on the Air (CHANGE): The Texas State Parks on the Air Contest is on April 8th and 9th, not the 1st and 2nd as previously advertised. Not sure if the date changed or if we had it wrong, but these new dates have been confirmed.

HRitP & Fox Hunt: Please join us for Ham Radio in the Park and a Fox Hunt on April 29th. We will be building tape measure yagi antennas, then trying them out with a Fox Hunt. The guys from AREDN will also set-up a MESH network to demonstrate the technology and give everyone an opportunity for some Hands-On experience.

Saturday QSO Breakfast: Sunny Street Cafe in Murphy has closed. For the immediate future, we'll hold our Saturday QSO Breakfast at Denny's, 304 Hwy 544 in Murphy.

Echolink Available: Echolink is available for those who want to connect to local nets on the N5LOC repeater while out of RF range. Connections to conferences are not permitted.

Be sure to read the current Club Newsletter for more great events and information!