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From The Election Committee (W5JWS & W5UWF):
Elections will be held at our September meeting on Sept 27th.

We are in search of nominees for the below officers. Nominations can be made by members in good standing by contacting the Election Committee, or from the floor during the Sept general meeting.
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Public Information Officer
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Director At Large
The slate of candidates is currently as follows:
  • President - John Smyder, W5JWS
  • Vice President - Greg Kent, KK6AXF
  • Secretary - Johnnie Young, KG5CQO
  • Treasurer - David Mandala, KG5WFS
  • Public Information Officer - John Briggs, KC6TVF
  • Newsletter Editor - John Abbot, KF5FWK
  • Director at Large - Jeff Locke, N5LOC
If you would like an opportunity to serve or have someone you would like to nominate please contact me (W5JWS) or Larry Hoffman (W5UWF) with your nomination.

And don't forget, to vote, your membership dues need to be current and you need to attend our September 27th meeting @ the Sachse Public Library.

QSO Breakfast: Join us each Saturday at 8am for the weekly QSO Breakfast at the Woodbridge Cafe, 7340 State Hwy 78, Sachse, Texas 75048.