Club Activities

Ham Radio in the Park (HRitP)

An informal get together in the local area (park or other public place) to demonstrate various HAM equipment and activities. It offers a great opportunity to meet other Hams and learn from their experiences. Everyone is welcome. Check the club calendar to find when and where the next HRitP will be held.

Fox Hunt or T-Hunt

A Fox Hunt or T-Hunt involves one person hiding a low power transmitter is some public place in the city limits of Sachse while other radio operators, using their own radios and equipment, set-out to find the hidden transmitter.

The person who finds it get's to hide the transmitter for the next hunt. Check the club calendar to find when and where the next Fox Hunt / T-Hunt will be held.

Other Community Activities

Look for the Sachse Amateur Radio Association at the annual Memorial Day parade, Independence Day parade, ARRL Field Day, Sachse FallFest, local SkyWarn classes, HamCom Plano, "Jamboree on the Air" (Scouting), and other events that take place throughout the year. Keep an eye on the club calendar for more details as these events get closer.

Monthly Siren Test

On the first Saturday of each month, members of the Sachse Amateur Radio Association, working with Sachse RACES and other HAM operators, perform a test of the Outdoor Emergency Warning System. There are 8 sirens strategically placed in the city. Each month, HAM operators volunteer their time to ensure each siren is working properly during the monthly test.

Most Importantly

Our number ONE goal in all our events is to have fun with a great hobby that allows you to meet interesting people around the world, without ever leaving town!