About Us

The Sachse Amateur Radio Association was formed on September 22, 2011, as a Texas Non-Profit 501(c)3 corporation. The purpose of the association is to provide instruction and training for individuals to develop or improve skills as amateur radio operators and provide open meetings for the discussion of amateur radio related and allied topics. We also promote basic and applied research and instruction and dissemination of technical information. We also maintain the ability to furnish communications services for civil defense, federal, state, county and municipal agencies during times of emergencies or distress. Sachse Amateur Radio Association members also provide disaster relief and public service in the public interest.

The Sachse Amateur Radio Association is an 'ARRL Affiliated' club. You can learn more about the ARRL here and more about the ARRL North Texas Section here.

On February 28, 2014, the Sachse Amateur Radio Club was awarded the Spirit of Sachse award for our service to the City of Sachse and to the Chamber of Commerce. It is the first time the award has ever been given to a group.

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If you would like to make a donation to support our W5SRA repeater or donate for any other reason you can do so here.


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President - John Smyder - W5JWS

Vice President - Greg Kent - KK6AXF

Secretary - Johnnie Young - KG5CQO

Treasurer - Linda Smyder - K5LCS

Public Information Officer - Jeff Feldman - KI5DDX

Newsletter Editor - Steve Harbin - W5SOT

Director at Large - Jim Szot - N5JS

W5SRA Repeater

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The Sachse Amateur Radio Association uses the W5SRA repeater in Sachse, Tx (Frequency: 440.350 MHz; Shift: Plus (+); PL tone: 110.9)

  • Bridgecom BCR-40U/50V w/built-in duplexer

  • Diamond F718A (11.5db gain)

  • rPi 3+ running HamVoip (controller and AllStar support)

AllStar Node 52883: You can view a simple access instruction document, W5SRA AllStarLink Access, or find it on our Club Files section.

EchoLink (Node 611111) - W5SRA-R

Sachse Amateur Radio Association members can also be found on many of the local repeaters in Sachse (145.25), North Dallas (148.88), Garland (146.66), Plano (147.18), Mesquite (145.31), and sometimes on simplex frequencies 146.54 or 146.40.

Trustee: John Smyder (W5JWS)