W5SRA Repeater

Trustee: John Smyder (W5JWS)

The Sachse Amateur Radio Association uses the W5SRA repeater in Sachse, Tx (Frequency: 440.350 MHz; Shift: Plus (+); PL tone: 110.9)

  • Bridgecom BCR-40U/50V w/built-in duplexer

  • Diamond F718A (11.5db gain)

  • rPi 3+ running HamVoip (controller and AllStar support)

AllStar Node 52883: You can view a simple access instruction document, W5SRA AllStarLink Access, or find it on our Files tab.

EchoLink (Node 611111) - W5SRA-R

Sachse Amateur Radio Association members can also be found on many of the local repeaters in Sachse (145.25), North Dallas (148.88), Garland (146.66), Plano (147.18), Mesquite (145.31), and sometimes on simplex frequencies 146.54 or 146.40.

If there is an organization wishing to use the W5SRA repeater for a public service activity please contact the Public Information Officer to coordinate that event.